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Kids and photography.

April 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
We've had three of the grandkids visiting from Perth this week. Me being me, I offered each of them the use of a camera. The 13 year old has the D300, the 7 year old the D90 and the 5 year old the Fuji X10.

I have to say that despite the patronising comments coming from more than a few adults, they've produced some very good images.

I love digital for kids - or anyone learning photography. The marginal cost of any image is almost nothing, and they get immediate feedback when they try something new. Perfect!

And, of cause, I can give them a set of images on a USB stick that they can print or show to family and friends.

So the message is: don't underestimate kids. Give them a useable camera and they'll deliver.


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