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A week after I dropped my D800

June 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

And a week after I dropped my D800 - with disasterous results, the reason is starting to show.

When I fell, I obviously made first contact with my left elbow - which was the arm holding the camera!
It could have been worse - but I keep thinking about and missing my knackered Nikon.
My wife tells me that I'm a bit dangerous with a camera, because I tend to become focussed (no pun intended) on the shot and oblivious to my surroundings. She's probably right.
Mind you, I'm not exactly alone in that respect. Look at the horrific casualty rates among war photographers. 
And my friend Claude was telling me about stopping in the middle of a street on his recent trip to Vancouver when he saw a shot. He's standing there surrounded by traffic and shooting with his new Fuji X-E1, when he suddenly realises what he's doing.
Still, we've all done stuff like that. It's part of the magic of photography, I guess - and we usually survive!


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