Wind-blown grassesWind-blown grassesDry grass blowing in the wind near Canberra.

Don't walk in high winds with a backpack

September 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Photography can be risky.

Snow on Mount Wellington, Tasmania.Snow on Mount Wellington, Tasmania.Snow on Mount Wellington, Tasmania.

I'm in Hobart, Tasmania at the moment, and today I went up to the summit of Mount Wellington. It was cold and extremely windy at the peak, but itoffered some real photo opportunities. The peak is over 1,200 metres and subject to wind, rain and snow throughout the year - which makes its landscape pretty impressive.

​Anyway ... I was up there this morning, complete with my substantial camera back pack, with the wind so strong that I noticed that the wind pressure on the backpack was twisting me.

Not a problem, I thought - just be careful.

And then it happened: a gust of wind so strong that it blew me over - and a rock broke my fall.

My interpretation is that the backpack both raised my centre of gravity, and increased the area that the wind could cat upon. Result: crash!

A couple of hours in the excellent Emergency Department of the Royal Hobart Hospital, some expert stitching from a doctor (who trained at the Australian National University in Canberra!) and I'm no-longer bleeding - though I bet I'll have an impressive lump on my forehead tomorrow!

Shane Baker - waiting to see the doctor.Shane Baker - waiting to see the doctor.Shane Baker - waiting to see the doctor. So, the lesson learned: don't wear a heavy backpack in extreme winds. In future, I'll be putting my pack down if I feel the wind pressure as I did today.






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