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Arranging keywords in Lightroom - a quick tip

January 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you're like me, your keywords in Lightroom are in a mess.

For instance, I have a "France" keyword. Then, under that, I have some France keywords under "France", while others are at the top level in the hierarchy. Not good - especially if your keywords are in the hundreds or more.

Of course, you can just drag and drop: drag "Amiens" over "France" and LR will move Amiens into the France hierarchy.


But what if you want to drag "Aardvark" under Zoo? That's no so easy if you have more than 40 or so keywords.

I've finally come up with a solution.

Let's say you have the keyword "Black Swan" and you want it under "Native bird".

In the search field under Keyword List, type "swan, native". LR (bless its heart) then lists all keywords containing "swan" and "native" - and no others. You can now simply drag and drop "Black Swan" under "Native bird".

It's not a quick process, but it's do-able!

I'm acutely aware that many/most readers will be quietly muttering something to the effect that everyone knows this. Either that - or why didn't this idiot arrange his keywords correctly in the first place?

Good points - but I'm sure a few people out there have painted themselves into the same corner that I've managed to do. Now I have a solution!

Guess what I'm doing for the next hour?

Have a good one.


PS: As soon as I'd hit publish, I stumbled across an excellent article by Scot Bastion entitled A further look at Keywords within Lightroom.

I think my technique still has its place, but I strongly suggest you read Scot's article before using the Baker Method!




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