Shane Baker | More people are shifting to Capture One!
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More people are shifting to Capture One!

August 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Back in February 2016, I wrote Capture One is a mixed bag ... but I'm sticking with it about my initial experience with the Capture One image processing software. 

I'm still using it and it continues to please with its ability to get the best out of my image files.

Looks like I'm not the only one. Derrick Story of The Digital Story fame has moved to Capture One and is even producing training videos. He's obviously happy with his move.

Now in his latest blog/podcast Jumping Ship From Lightroom To Capture One Pro 9, Martin Bailey has announced a move to Capture One. As usual, Martin has provided a detailed and reasoned explanation of why he's made the considerable investment of time to change processing software.

He's also promising tutorials and the like - and I for one am looking forward to reading them.

Happy shooting


PS: Martin's site has a link offering a 10% discount. If you've tried the 30 day free trial and want to make the move, you might as well take that offer! 







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