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I'm a collector!

September 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, I'm officially a photo collector! Admittedly, I already hold the definitive collection of work by that undiscovered genius of Australian photography, Shane Baker, but I now own a photograph by an acknowledged master of photography: Werner Bischof.

Werner Bischof - Famine in India, 1951Werner Bischof - Famine in India, 1951INDIA. State of Bihar. Famine stricken area. Due to flooding and drought, in 1951 the province of Bihar was heavily stricken by famine. The US sent 136 million tons of wheat and a 190 million dollar loan, while the USSR sent 50,000 tons of wheat. April 1951.

Most people would recognise this famous photograph of famine in India, made by Bischof, but I wonder how many know the photographer?

Bischof was in the first tranche of photographers recruited to Magnum after its founding. He had an at times, difficult relationship with founder Robert Capa, so there was some irony in the fact that Magnum received the news of the deaths of the two men within hours of each other. Capa had been killed by a land mine covering the French war in Indo China, while Bischof's vehicle had gone over a cliff in Peru nine days earlier. Due to communications, the news arrived from South America the same day that Capa's death was reported.

Bischof did sensitive, passionate, insightful work and I've always hoped that one day, I could have one of his prints. I do now - albeit in postcard size!

Shane Baker with Werner Bischof printShane Baker with Werner Bischof print








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